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Our team includes Senior Advocates and Ex Judges of Delhi having 30 years experience in various fields of law in all courts of Delhi. We have a team of ten expert advocates / lawyers, who have deep knowledge and expertise of latest laws in India.

We believe in honestly, human values, confidentiality, reasonableness, punctuality, dedication and the best relief and solutions for the problems of our clients, in a shortest possible time and at a reasonable cost. We maintain a safe distance from the opposite party or his/her advocate to maintain the complete secrecy of our client and his/her interests.

 In short, we have a record of highest satisfaction of our hundreds of clients and ninety percent winning case records in the last three decades. Our sole motive is not money but satisfaction, faith and relationship with our clients to maintain our own reputation and respectable name of our law firm.


When the opposite party reach at a conclusion that our approach of knowledge can be harmful for his/her case, the opposite counsel is unable to answer the query or question raised by the judge or his/her pleadings are not convincing or have light weight in front of our pleadings then he / she may try to prolong the litigation on one pretext or the other which generally take years without any outcome or results then we request the judge to refer the case to a mediation court for speedy disposal of the matter. Therefore, instead of 5-10 years, the matter is resolved / settled within few days because of our negotiation techniques and bargaining tools for which we are experts and trained.


Generally advocates do not have any communications with their clients after filing the case, except on appearance of the client in court on date fixed. We know that the client who has great faith and expectation from us, feel unsafe, tensed and unable to understand the outcome of the case. Therefore, he or she needs to share his or her feelings or latest developments to the trusted lawyer like a confidential and helpful friend. In that way we remain upto date about the facts, needs and circumstances of the case. Similarly we advice our client accordingly, what to do and what not to do. That way our relationship as lawyer and client totally changed as a helpful and concerned friend.


It is a universal truth that every person wants to know the strategy, planning, worthiness and ability of his opponent. To counter his or her potential and status and for that reason, he or she do all the efforts to know the hidden agenda or planning of opponent. It is quality, prudence or ability of the client or the advocate to do vise-a-versa and not to show or disclose his or her emotions, planning or counter attack. This is the most important technique of a good planner or advocate to win the case and impress the judge to get the favourable justice.


The clever and overconfident client present his or her case as he or she has been humiliated, tortured, defamed, harassed or cheated by the opposite party beyond and above the truth. And for that reason put some false and fabricated allegations in excess against the opposite party. The excess or totally false case cannot be proved in evidence or cross examination. Therefore, we ask our clients to right down the basic and true facts in sequences either in Hindi or English and give it to us with some supporting documents, if possible. The win or defeat depends upon the proof or evidence in a court of law. The simple fact we convert into a legal format noting and adding the gravity or seriousness of the case for an assured win and to get the relief sort by our client for the monetary gain or for his or her status and for the proper justice.